Relaxed, friendly with an all over tan

´╗┐About Costa Natura

If the weather is good enough (and it is 325 days a year), naturism/nudity is expected within the resort, and compulsory at all times in the swimming pool, sauna and jacuzzi.  It is normal to dress or not in the evening if dining in the restaurant, but anywhere else it depends on the weather.  The patio outside of the bar is the main area of social activity and meeting place.

The main restaurant/bar is opposite the pool and is open during the day for drinks, snacks, lunch, ice creams etc, and in the evening for dinner and drinks. There are frequent entertainment evenings and events both in the restaurant and bar. 

There is a beach kiosk/bar "RENATO'S" at the other end of the complex open during the day serving drinks, snacks, lunch and ice creams.  Renato's love of jazz provides a gentle background to drinks at anytime.  You can access this bar from both the beach and from within Costa Natura.

The beach outside Costa Natura is a public Naturist beach.  There are sunbeds and parasols on the beach just in front of the kiosk/bar. On a clear day you can see Gibraltar.

The Mercadona,Aldi supermarkets and Burger King are within easy walk of Costa Natura and stocks everything you would negted for a self catering holiday. There is a small laundry facility on site with washing machines and tumble dryers.  Tokens for the machines are available from the Community Office.

This area enjoys the best weather in Spain.  It has a mild microclimate for 10 months of the year with a mean annual temperature of 18.7C and highs in the 40C.  The sun shines for more than 325 days each year and the prevailing winds are Westerlies and Easterlies.